Oral History Project

The Minnesota Smith Club has now published two volumes in its exciting and unique oral history project, Strong Women Building Strong Communities. A recap of the marvelous launch of the project upon publication of the first volume in 2008 is on the page Project Launch. Book 2 was published in 2012, debuting at our annual meeting on May 6. The project is known throughout the Smith College alumnae world, and many clubs are keen on doing something similar and interested in learning from us.

The women profiled in Book 2 are Elizabeth (Betty) Cowie ’45, Sarah (Sally) Ross ’45, Nadine Ide ’48, Harriet Spencer ’49, Carolyn (Connie) Donnelly ’51, Cornelia (Nina) Rothchild ’51, Margery (Marnie) Hensel ’52, Barbara Tuttle ’53, Olive (Polly) Gross ’54, Mary Taylor ’55, Helen Hartfiel ’56, Nancy Malmon ’57, Susan Allen Toth ’61, and Margaret (Peggy) Leppik ’65.

Project Chairs for Book 2 were Laurie Maloff Kramer ’69, Betsey Whitbeck ’71, Holly Duff Dowds ’71, Barbara Bockhaus Klaas ’74, and Marty Wallace Swain ’71. Copies are $30, plus $4 for shipping. To order yours, contact Barbara Klaas by selecting the Oral History Project in the dropdown list of our contact form. Note that there are still a few copies of the 1st Oral History book available as well, so contact Barbara if you need either or both. Your book(s) will be keepsakes forever.

Interviewers and writers were  Jennifer Bhalla, Smith Graduate Program MS ’01, Honey Olson Blacklock ’95, Christine Braun ’95, Gail Brinkmeier ’95, Tanya Cromey ’96, Holly Duff Dowds ’71, Stephanie Larkin Frost ’77, Mary Ravlin Gould ’50, Emily E. Hagens ’10, Barbara Bockhaus Klaas ’74, Peggy White Leppik ’65, Barbara Lindeke ’70, Laurie Maloff Kramer ’69, Kate Lehmann ’78, Anna Mikelson ’02, Ann Mitchell Pflaum ’63, Ashley Shaver ’02, Marty Wallace Swain ’71, Betsey Whitbeck ’71, and Molly Duff Woehrlin ’53.

Editors were Marty Wallace Swain ’71, Laurie Maloff Kramer ’69, Margaret Carlson Nikoleit ’84, and Betsey Whitbeck ’71.

Books can be obtained through Barbara Klaas. Contact her using our contact form.

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