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Mar 10 2015 - 6:15pm to 7:15pm


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the first of an occasional series on important issues for Minnesota

Tuesday, March 10 – 6:15pm

Washburn Public Library: 5244 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Meeting Room – lower level

There is a lot of discussion regarding the development of non-ferrous metals mining in northern Minnesota (copper/nickel and other platinum group metals). Everything from financial assurance requirements, royalties from school trust fund lands, to wild rice sulfate standards and concerns about water quality have been in the news and on the op-ed pages lately. No doubt, copper-nickel and other metallic mining will have a signficant impact on Minnesota for generations to come. Rather than debate about specific projects, the focus of this forum will be on how non-ferrous mining projects are developed and permitted under current state and federal regulations. We will have an opportunity to hear directly from two people who are well acquainted with the mine development and permitting process:

Jennifer Engstrom is Manager of Mineland Reclamation for the MN Department of Natural Resources. She administers the state's metallic and peat mineland reclamation programs; reviews applications for permits to mine; administers the division's responsibilities under the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act, including the review of minerals projects for impacts.

Anne Williamson is Vice President of Environment and Sustainability for Twin Metals MN; one of several copper-nickel projects being developed in MN, and oversees its permitting and regulatory processes. She has 25 years of experience in environmental management and mining sustainability. Her experience ranges from conducting comprehensive environmental compliance and environmental management system audits of mining and manufacturing facilities to participating in regulatory development panels and state and federal stakeholder groups.

Anne and Jennifer will present information on the requirements and process of permitting mining operations in Minnesota and will take related questions. The forum must wrap up at 7:45 but anyone who is interested in continuing the discussion is welcome to adjourn to nearby pub George & The Dragon at 50th & Bryant. (next door to the Malt Shoppe).

For additional information, please contact Kate Lehmann ('78). You're welcome to invite friends and family to join us.

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